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Theme Parks

Immersive is the new black!

Are your theme park devotees looking for more when they come to your park?

We help hundreds of visitor attractions enhance their visitor experience, add aroma to your attractions with our scent FX machine, designed to fill big spaces and have a huge impact.

Use our smaller smell pods to create pockets of intrigue and disgust!

Dale Air supplies theme parks around the world with aromas to do everything from creating that magical atmosphere to encouraging sales at food kiosks.

Whatever the aroma, we can help you create an experience that visitors won't forget in a hurry, whether it's nasty or nice. Or why not add another product to your gift shop range with this Smells of the Fun Fair Vortex Cube set.

We are confident we have the scent solution for you, from small displays to large spaces.


Scare parks

We do nasty smells and stock a whole range of weird and wonderful aromas specifically for the Scare industries –

"Scent is an integral part of the scare attraction experience, as it connects the guest psychologically to the intended ‘reality’ of the environment they find themselves in.  Dale Air has been providing theatrical scents for AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment for several years, and I cannot recommend their product and service highly enough"

Jason Karl Chief Creative Executive, ATMOSfear!



Engage your audience – transport them to fantasy worlds as soon as they enter the theatre.

Create a show which immerses the audience into any environment, whether its chocolate delights, windswept moorland or seaside battles we have the aromas and the dispensers to ensure your audience is fully engaged with your production.

“The final piece of the jigsaw was smell/taste and we contacted Dale Air for help with this. They recommended their aerosols and provided eight different fragrances that would link to the different sections of the Symphony and to the Chakras that underpin the structure of the symphony.”

Simon Disorgher, Courscape.