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Engage your visitors – create simple but fun and interactive displays, add a new dimension to your explorer packs and help take your museum beyond the walls – fill rooms with scent or try our aroma blocks for long lasting aroma or our aroma cubes for a smell your visitors can hold.

Historical properties

Add the wow factor and transport your visitors back in time by filling a room with aroma.

With over 400 to choose from it is likely that we have an aroma to suit your theme and if not we can make them to your specific requirements.

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Smell of the past...

One of the great appeals of the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, UK is that the visitors have the opportunity to see, hear, touch and even smell the exhibitions.

 Jorvik Case Study

“Use of aroma has been integral to the Jorvik experience since it opened twenty years ago. Our relationship with Dale Air, from the beginning, has made the smell experience at Jorvik one of the most unique memories for the Jorvik visitor.

Their quality of service and standard of product has been an essential part of our success. Our continued relationship with Dale Air has firmly established the use of aroma in our attraction and the development of new products for our retail.“

Dave Boston, Technical Manager, Jorvick