Hypnotherapy, Sensory and Reminiscence

Looking for aromas to help your hypnotherapy sessions?

Use our range of themed aromas and our Vortex Activ machine to help improve the effectiveness of your practice.

Dale airs themed aromas will help create the immersive atmosphere required to help your sessions be successful. Commonly used aromas are: Hospital and clinical aromas such as TCP, Old fashioned hospital, clinical modern hospital.

Discover our sensory and reminiscence ranges of products

Whether you need to differentiate your lessons for special needs or open up a dialogue with a dementia patient – Dale Airs range of aroma cubes can help.

Designed in a tactile and brightly coloured cube small enough to fit into your hand but large enough to not be a hazard our self-contained aroma cubes contain our aromas allowing for easy and safe smelling!

Designed around existing stories and specific eras our aroma cube packs can open up a world of memory or understanding for inclusive teaching and reminiscent trip down memory lane.

If you‘re creating a new Lesson plan or experience we can help with suggestions for aromas to match your theme.

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