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Hospital Old Fashioned

A more clinical aroma than the modern day hospital with hints of iodine.

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Review by Philip Hutchinson
Posted on 12/05/2015

Just ordered this particular smell in an aerosol. The company were friendly and helpful and delivery was quick (not cheap, but that is down to using a tracked courier for safety). I just gave the can a quick spray in my flat to see the effect it would have. Only about one second. The smell lingered in the whole flat for about 10 minutes! I am no expert, so I just have to say what I sensed from it. There is instant mustiness. A chemical smell; slightly cleaning fluid, slightly bleachy. A darkness to it; a sense of dirtiness and age. You couldn't ask for a better concoction, really. As our current show is based in an 1880s hospital, a quick spray of this as the audience enter is going to really hit the spot. Very impressed! (Lucky Dog Theatre Productions)

Review by John
Posted on 27/02/2015

This is quite an effective odour of old fashioned hospitals. It incorporates methyl salicylate (wintergreen) which is the smell of surgical spirit, previously in common use. Plus possibly a tarry aspect reminiscent of Jeyes fluid.

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