Vortex Activ USB (with 4 free cartridges of your choice)

The Vortex Activ is a dispensing system designed to partner the Dale Air Vortex Activ software. One main advantage of this machine is that it can dispense up to four fragrances at once through 4 independent fans.

The aroma comes in the form of a small circular cartridge which can be removed and replaced as necessary. We offer 4 free with every Activ purchased!

The machine is connected to a computer by a USB cable and the accompanying software* means the Activ can be programmed to emit an aroma at specified times throughout any piece of music/film.

*(The Activ is supplied with drivers for a Windows™ PC and some example code in Visual Basic illustrating how you might use the drivers to trigger scents during a PowerPoint™ presentation.)


For Dale Air aromas designed to be used with the Vortex Standard, click HERE


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