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Like a dark, damp dungeon, the smell of mould and mildew.

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Review by Abdul
Posted on 06/02/2014

This aroma is just Excellent... It really captures that decaying, dilapidated house feeling.. It kind of smells like black seed oil if you've ever smelt that but with dusty tinge... The concentrated oil itself is very strong and smells quiet different to after when it has been evaporated, and that is when the aroma mellows out over time as it diffuses into the air. I purchased the oil burner and I only put a small teaspoon amount of Conc. oil which after heating, filled the entire room. A little goes a long way! And even when your not burning the oil or using the vortex machine, the scent still lingers on for a few days (yes, not hours, but DAYS! What more Could you want?!) The aroma reminds me of the Haunted House ride at Alton Towers Resort. I bet they use the same aroma some way or another.. It adds an extra dimension to a Halloween event that one could host.. That's it really!

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